eBuild Help: Naming Files

In eBuild, files are managed and sorted by filename. We ask that you name your files using our naming standards as described below throughout the life of your eBuild project. To the extent possible, submit files that go together in a single submittal.

If you make changes to a file you've already submitted, please submit the changed file using the exact same file name as the original. Don't add dates or version numbers to the file names. We'll manage the different versions for you and use the most recent one submitted when we approve your plans. If you are submitting a change to a detail you will need to submit the entire drawing sheet as Supplemental Information. This is done in order to maintain an up-to-date version of the approved drawings for the field. In the past, changes to details have often been submitted individually on 8½ x 11 paper. If changes to details are submitted in this manner, you will be asked to submit a new revised drawing sheet prior to approval.


Residential project must follow these file naming standards to facilitate rapid recognition and retrieval of files by our Plan Review teams.

  1. All drawings must be individual pdf files.
  2. Files must be submitted in pdf format and must not be locked. Locked files are not accepted by the system and prohibit our ability to approve the drawing.
  3. Each file name should include a two-digit number to be used to control the sort order of documents during review. The number value in front of the filename ensures the display order.
  4. All file names must reflect the content of the drawings.
  5. If you would like to include the job number, name, or tracking code in the file name, add it at the end of the file name. It makes it difficult for plan reviewers to sort and review your drawings if it’s inserted at the beginning of the file name.
  6. Documents that are 8½ x 11 and are not intended for construction details, such as structural calculations, can be submitted as a multi-page pdf and do not need to include a sort order.
  7. Although staff prefer that a site/plot plan includes the location, size and type of stormwater facility/facilities, if a separate stormwater site plan is being provided, submit it as a single drawing.
Sort Order Documents Can this be a multi page pdf file? Examples
01 Construction Notes No 01_ConstructionNotes.pdf
02 Site Plan/Plot Plan No 02_SitePlan.pdf
03 Foundation Plan No 03_FoundationPlan.pdf
04 First Floor Framing Plan No 04_FirstFloorFramingPlan.pdf
05 Second Floor Framing Plan No 05_SecondFloorFramingPlan.pdf
06 Roof Framing Plan No 06_RoofFramingPlan.pdf
07 Elevations No 07_Elevations.pdf
08 Sections No 08_Sections.pdf
09 Details No 09_Details.pdf
10 Stormwater facility plan No 10_StormwaterFacilityPlan.pdf
  Structural Calculations Yes StructuralCalcs.pdf
  Lateral Analysis Yes LateralAnalysis.pdf
  Truss Calculations Yes TrussCalculations.pdf
  Truss Layout Yes TrussLayout.pdf
  Additional Energy Measure Yes AddlEnergyMeasure.pdf
When applicable...
  Operations & Maintenance Packet Yes OperationsMaintenance.pdf
  Stormwater Design Sizing Yes SWDesignSizing.pdf
  Revocable Permit Packet Yes RevocablePermit.pdf
  Lane County Facility Permit Yes LaneCoFacilityPermit.pdf

Note: This is not an all-inclusive list and is meant to show common submittals.

All file names on re-submitted documents for both drawings and documents shall remain the same. Please DO NOT "version" or rename files when uploading resubmitted files. Files with this type of naming scheme will be rejected.

Examples of bad file names
  • 01.pdf (better name: 01_ConstructionNotes.pdf - don't submit file names without a description)
  • 2_SitePlan.pdf (better name: 02_SitePlan.pdf - don't submit file names with a single digit sorting prefix, use two digits)
  • SmitHouse SitePlan.pdf (better name: 02_SitePlan.pdf - don't submit drawing pages without a sort order, and don't include project names)
  • 3820MillerGarageDetails.pdf (better name: 09_Details.pdf - don't submit drawing pages without a sort order, and don't include address info)
  • StructuralDetailsReferenceOnly.pdf (better name: 09_StructuralDetails.pdf - don't submit drawing pages without a sort order)

Each drawing needs to be submitted as an individual file, one sheet per file.

Names of individual sheets are to be formatted as follows: ##_D-XXX_SHEET_TITLE.pdf

  1. ## is the Discipline Number (see below). This serves as a sort order.
  2. D-XXX uniquely identifies each sheet. This code should consist of a Discipline Designator (D) and a number (XXX), usually separated by a dash. (Discipline designators typically consist of a single alphabetical character, see below for examples.)
  3. The _SHEET_TITLE is the sheet name which describes the content of the sheet. We suggest that you use an underscore for all spaces.
Examples of good file names
  • 05_L-502_DETAILS_MATERIALS.pdf
  • 07_A-111B FIRST FLOOR PLAN B.pdf
  • 11_P400_ENLARGED_PLANS.pdf

Discipline Numbers are as follows:

Number Discipline
02General (Sheet list, symbols, code summary, existing diagrams, etc.)
10Fire protection
15User defined (if needed)
16User defined (if needed)
17User defined (if needed)
18User defined (if needed)
19User defined (if needed)
20User defined (if needed)

Discipline Designators are as follows:

Letter Discipline
FFire Protection
HHazardous Materials
WDistributed Energy
XOther Disciplines
ZContractor/Shop Drawings

For multi-page PDF files that do not contain drawings, such as calculations and specifications, you can use any naming scheme you find descriptive. A typical list might be:

Sample File List
  • Project_Manual.pdf
  • Structural_Calculations.pdf
  • Energy_Compliance_Forms.pdf
  • Soils_Report.pdf

Files which don't contain drawings should be multipage PDFs, one document per file.

Also please remember to tab any multipage PDF (spec books, structural calculations) and name the PDF files consistent with the document name (i.e. Structural Calculations, Specification Manual, Lighting ComCheck, FOG Interceptor Calculations, etc.)

All file names on re-submitted documents for both drawings and documents shall remain the same. Please DO NOT "version" or rename files when uploading resubmitted files. Files with this type of naming scheme will be rejected.

If you need to delete a file you've submitted, simply submit an almost empty PDF with the same name as the file to be deleted. The PDF should show that it deletes a file and was intentionally left blank.