Welcome to eBuild!

The eBuild Permit System is the City of Eugene's new online building permit application system which allows you to submit an application and construction drawings online. Using eBuild, you can:

  • Apply for building permits online.
  • Apply for demolition permits online.
  • Apply for trade permits, such as electrical, plumbing or residential mechanical, online.
  • Apply for multiple residential trade permits using a single application.
  • Submit plans for review electronically.
  • Pay fees associated with your project online.
  • Download your approved plans.
  • Schedule project consultation meetings online.
  • Track deferred submittals needed to complete your project.
  • Apply for stand-alone commercial or multifamily mechanical permits using a simplified application.
  • Submit applications for express permits and schedule your meeting online.

For more information regarding specific submittal requirements for eBuild, see the eBuild page on the city website.

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New to eBuild?

Check our online help for step-by-step instructions on how to use the eBuild Permit System.

As of May 1, 2024, ALL permit applications must include property owner (and tenant information for commercial property) contact information including name, current mailing address, email and phone number. Applications without this information may be returned as incomplete.

Need an Access Code?

If you already have an account for scheduling inspections, you can log in to eBuild with that email address and access code. If not, it's easy to create an account. We'll immediately confirm that your account has been created and email you the access code. You can start using the eBuild Permit System right away. You don't have to be a builder or contractor to create an account. Anyone who needs to apply for a building permit in the City of Eugene can create one and use the system.

Lost Your Access Code?

If you have an account but have lost the access code, you can request that it be sent to the email address registered to your account by using the form below.

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How Are We Doing?

If you have questions or would like to offer feedback about the eBuild Permit System, please contact us at cepddonlinehelp@ci.eugene.or.us. For immediate assistance, you can contact our office during business hours at 541-682-5086 to be directed to someone who can help you.